[development] developing book review -- two blocks or two modules?

Kieran Lal kieran at civicspacelabs.org
Fri Jun 2 15:52:38 UTC 2006

On Jun 2, 2006, at 7:51 AM, blogdiva at culturekitchen.com wrote:

> Hi,
> Would you consider reconsidering this module as a whole purpose  
> review module following closely (but not the T), the shopping  
> catalog of a company like Amazon. Here's why :
> Say I have a book called "Yoga for Drupal developers". The book  
> covers yoga, stress management, php and drupal.  For me as a  
> publisher, to capitalize on this review, I could run the book  
> review module with amazon items so that I can add to the page  
> purchases related to the book.

Actually you should make you consult with the un-official Drupal Yogi  
first: http://yogaforgeeks.com ;-)


> The problem is that, just like you say, you can only have one  
> review on a page. And worst for non-techies like me, the Amazon  
> items module, albeit a good idea in theory, has an effective  
> execution given that these items can only appear on the permalink  
> page (not the node or index page) of the acompanying node. Unless I  
> code it by hand (which I haven't tried yet), I cannot have those  
> items running on a sidebar either.
> SoOoOoOoOo ...
> The challenge would be to create a general purpose review page that  
> takes a page out of the bookreview module but kicks it up a notch by :
> (1) allowing multiple reviews on a page
> (2) making it easy to manage with CSS a block of sale items (so you  
> can choose to have them appear on the index page or permalink page)
> (3) making it easy to generate a sideblock with X# of all the  
> reviewed items
> (4) Hopefully use the Amazon API so that it easily pulls out ISBN,  
> images and links (just like the Amazon-Items module) but this time  
> with the option to show the prices (an option, BTW, that should be  
> controlled per/post not globally).
> Now, if you really want to be a code hero, this module would  
> organize my paperwork, dust my library and calculate my tax returns :)
> ON THAT NOTE : Here is a good example of why POLL should not be a  
> separate node. I should be able to write a post about X topic and  
> then run a poll about said topic immediately. This is becoming  
> standard in the SCOOP run blogging world and sorely needed by  
> bloggers like me using Drupal.
> Actually, if it were up to me, modules like these would extend  
> NODE, not be separate modules. Everything should plug into NODE -- 
> polls, events, surveys, reviews, forums, recipes, even dare I say  
> gallery images. The developers in Drupal think about the different  
> technology issues revolving around these modules but to us users,  
> they are not that different. What we want to do is :
> (1) Write a blog entry
> (2) Do it with the least amount of tech effort
> Being able to go to one page  --ONE PAGE-- and click off choices of  
> what sections for a post  we want ( poll, review items, mass  
> mailing, etc ) and have that all generated in one page ... just the  
> thought of it makes my brain tingle.
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> On  02.Jun.2006, at 07:07, Srimal Jayawardena wrote:
>> hi
>> im working on a book review module to allow multiple reviews (the  
>> existing one only supports a single review per module)
>> I plan to so there will be two objects
>>   - a book
>>   - and a review
>> Is it better to have both as two blocks in the same module ? or  
>> have two separate modules?
>> Any good places to check on this ?
>> tnx in advance.
>> srimal.

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