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Would you consider reconsidering this module as a whole purpose  
review module following closely (but not the T), the shopping catalog  
of a company like Amazon. Here's why :

Say I have a book called "Yoga for Drupal developers". The book  
covers yoga, stress management, php and drupal.  For me as a  
publisher, to capitalize on this review, I could run the book review  
module with amazon items so that I can add to the page purchases  
related to the book.

The problem is that, just like you say, you can only have one review  
on a page. And worst for non-techies like me, the Amazon items  
module, albeit a good idea in theory, has an effective execution  
given that these items can only appear on the permalink page (not the  
node or index page) of the acompanying node. Unless I code it by hand  
(which I haven't tried yet), I cannot have those items running on a  
sidebar either.

SoOoOoOoOo ...

The challenge would be to create a general purpose review page that  
takes a page out of the bookreview module but kicks it up a notch by :

(1) allowing multiple reviews on a page

(2) making it easy to manage with CSS a block of sale items (so you  
can choose to have them appear on the index page or permalink page)

(3) making it easy to generate a sideblock with X# of all the  
reviewed items

(4) Hopefully use the Amazon API so that it easily pulls out ISBN,  
images and links (just like the Amazon-Items module) but this time  
with the option to show the prices (an option, BTW, that should be  
controlled per/post not globally).

Now, if you really want to be a code hero, this module would organize  
my paperwork, dust my library and calculate my tax returns :)

ON THAT NOTE : Here is a good example of why POLL should not be a  
separate node. I should be able to write a post about X topic and  
then run a poll about said topic immediately. This is becoming  
standard in the SCOOP run blogging world and sorely needed by  
bloggers like me using Drupal.

Actually, if it were up to me, modules like these would extend NODE,  
not be separate modules. Everything should plug into NODE --polls,  
events, surveys, reviews, forums, recipes, even dare I say gallery  
images. The developers in Drupal think about the different technology  
issues revolving around these modules but to us users, they are not  
that different. What we want to do is :

(1) Write a blog entry
(2) Do it with the least amount of tech effort

Being able to go to one page  --ONE PAGE-- and click off choices of  
what sections for a post  we want ( poll, review items, mass mailing,  
etc ) and have that all generated in one page ... just the thought of  
it makes my brain tingle.

Liza Sabater, Publisher

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On  02.Jun.2006, at 07:07, Srimal Jayawardena wrote:

> hi
> im working on a book review module to allow multiple reviews (the  
> existing one only supports a single review per module)
> I plan to so there will be two objects
>   - a book
>   - and a review
> Is it better to have both as two blocks in the same module ? or  
> have two separate modules?
> Any good places to check on this ?
> tnx in advance.
> srimal.

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