[development] RFC: proposal for project releases

Derek Wright drupal at dwwright.net
Sun Jun 4 02:10:44 UTC 2006

many of us have been wishing there was a better way for project  
maintainers to identify and distribute releases of their  
contributions on drupal.org.  the current system of nightly tarballs  
generated automatically, with everything being called simply  
"<project_name>-4.7.0" (and relying on a date to have any idea what  
"version" it is) leaves a lot to be desired...

instead of just complaining about it, killes, nedjo, merlinofchaos,  
and myself have been figuring out how it should really work.  in  
particular, merlin and i had a good debate on IRC today (which some  
other folks added to), and we're converging on a design we think  
handles all the concerns, and yet would be relatively easy to  
achieve.  it's getting to the point that we just need the proverbial  
+1 from some key folks (namely killes and/or dries) so we don't start  
writing code for something that won't be put into action.

request for comments (RFC):


if you ever wanted to see this stuff get better, now's your chance to  
share your ideas/concerns.  please just post into that issue, no need  
for a big thread on this mailing list.

-derek (dww)

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