[development] User registration without email

Leo Burd leob at media.mit.edu
Tue Jun 6 13:06:54 UTC 2006

- In my case, it would also be good to not require users to provide an email 

I'm implementing a series of modules that allow users to access Drupal 
functionality (events, audio entries, groups, etc.) by telephone and, since 
I'm working mainly with people from underserved communities that are either 
illiterate or do not have access to regular computers, I cannot expect my 
users to have email accounts (in fact, one of my modules provides voicemail 
accounts to make it easier for users to communicate among themselves).

Ideally, it would be great if users wouldn't be forced to provide an email 
address.  Wouldn't it be ok to create a special config setting for this and 
allow $user->email be set to NULL upon registration and updates?



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> Robert Wohleb wrote:
>> I've seen people post patches to past versions of Drupal that allow user
>> registration without requiring an email address. I've recently written a
>> patch to user.module for 4.7 that does the same.
>> The reasoning behind this is due to the application. We are using Drupal
>> for an intranet where access to employee information is not possible,
>> and email is not allowed. Because of this, users have to register and an
>> admin has to approve.
>> I have something that works so I don't need to know how to do it. What I
>> need to know is if there is a better way and if this has any chance of
>> getting in to core. At the moment I just patch user.module. Is it
>> possible to do this with a module? If not, is there enough interest to
>> get this as a core option? Whare are the core developers' takes on this?
>> ~Rob
> using form api, you can change email to a hidden field and just put a 
> dummy unique value for the email address. no patch required.

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