[development] User registration without email

Robert Wohleb rob at techsanctuary.com
Tue Jun 6 18:47:45 UTC 2006

Agreed, just setting the email field to a dummy value and hidden causes
a few problems. For example, it still generates an email. This is not
very optimal.


Leo Burd wrote:
> - In my case, it would also be good to not require users to provide an
> email address.
> I'm implementing a series of modules that allow users to access Drupal
> functionality (events, audio entries, groups, etc.) by telephone and,
> since I'm working mainly with people from underserved communities that
> are either illiterate or do not have access to regular computers, I
> cannot expect my users to have email accounts (in fact, one of my
> modules provides voicemail accounts to make it easier for users to
> communicate among themselves).
> Ideally, it would be great if users wouldn't be forced to provide an
> email address.  Wouldn't it be ok to create a special config setting
> for this and allow $user->email be set to NULL upon registration and
> updates?
> Best,
> Leo
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>> Robert Wohleb wrote:
>>> I've seen people post patches to past versions of Drupal that allow
>>> user
>>> registration without requiring an email address. I've recently
>>> written a
>>> patch to user.module for 4.7 that does the same.
>>> The reasoning behind this is due to the application. We are using
>>> Drupal
>>> for an intranet where access to employee information is not possible,
>>> and email is not allowed. Because of this, users have to register
>>> and an
>>> admin has to approve.
>>> I have something that works so I don't need to know how to do it.
>>> What I
>>> need to know is if there is a better way and if this has any chance of
>>> getting in to core. At the moment I just patch user.module. Is it
>>> possible to do this with a module? If not, is there enough interest to
>>> get this as a core option? Whare are the core developers' takes on
>>> this?
>>> ~Rob
>> using form api, you can change email to a hidden field and just put a
>> dummy unique value for the email address. no patch required.

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