[development] Move multiple theme per site support to contrib module

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Fri Jun 9 13:52:09 UTC 2006

Op dinsdag 6 juni 2006 16:49, schreef Adrian Rossouw:
> I was playing with theme stuff again, and I realised how completely
> sub-optimal the current configuration is.
> How many people actually use user specified themes on their sites?
> This is the kind of functionality that only
> really clutters up the default interface, and confuses a lot of
> people for no good reason.
> We should simply remove the 'enabled' checkbox, and rename the
> default radio to 'enable'.
> This removes a chunk of code , and all this can very easily be done
> via _form_alter now, for those that need it.
> What I would also like to see , is that we re-organise the the admin
> as follows :
> admin
>     display
>         theme (default tab)
>         regions (tab, ie: what admin/blocks used to be)
>         settings (tab)
> Also. completely getting rid of the tiered theme setting stuff, and
> only having one set of settings, per theme (same with the block)
> I do believe that the block / region settings are very much a display
> issue.

Good proposal. A few sidenotes:
 * As long as we keep the posibility to swap themes with an API, or by 
changing a SESSION var, I see no problems. Adrian S can still develop / test 
his themes, but should use a (new, yet to be coded) feature in 
themedev.module. People can still set admin themes, mobile themes and so with 
modules such as print_theme.module, sections.modules, etc.
  * Regions are theme specific, so if you want to proceed this way, you really 
need to overhaul the regions system to. I would make that two diff. projects
  * We cuold see to it that a module is developed by somone who thinks the 'my 
settings theme settings' must remain. user_themes.module? That cannot be 
hard. :)

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