{SPAM 01.8} Re: [development] Data-driven database tables and updates

Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Sat Jun 10 17:19:00 UTC 2006

> >> creation. At best it will be lowest common denominator, and
> >> performance
> >> cannot be achieved without tweaking to the specific database.
> >
> > please, we are only talking about schema definitions. performance
> > is a non issue.

I am not against the proposed schema creation abstraction. It is a good
idea. Dries can take another look at it and see its merits (takes away
the pain of having two create table statements). Like Adrian said, we
are not enforcing this to be The Only Way. db_query() is still there,
and anyone can put create tables in that.

My objection was what this *may* lead to in the mind of some "let's
abstract everything", then we are in trouble.

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