[development] xhtml and embed tag: best way to compliance?

Fabio Varesano fabio.varesano at gmail.com
Tue Jun 13 20:07:14 UTC 2006

Ok! I just implemented this new solution.
Everything works well, only Quicktime has still problems.

IE find an error on this :
clone.outerHTML = clone.outerHTML;

Do you have ideas about this?

You can get the my last video module XHTML at

After the Quicktime fix I will post here and on drupal.org
asking for help on testing the new code.
I need help on try different browsers and plug-in versions
on the new video module generated code.


Karl Rudd wrote:
> I just spent the last few hours fixing my "fix" for the "Click to
> activate..." thing with IE.
> It turns out that the "flashvars" parameter, and many others, don't
> survive the "rewrite" in the current fix.
> Here's the new code:
> var objects = document.getElementsByTagName( 'object' );
> for ( var i = 0; i < objects.length; i++ ) {
>  var obj = objects[ i ];
>  var clone = obj .cloneNode( true );
>  var parent = obj .parentNode;
>  var sibling = obj .nextSibling;
>  parent.removeChild( obj );
>  parent.insertBefore( clone, sibling );
>  clone.outerHTML = clone.outerHTML;
> }
> Not as "clean" as before but then again it's a fix for IE, so it's
> almost to be expected.
> Karl

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