KDE and youtube?? Re: [development] xhtml and embed tag: best way to compliance?

Anguo linux-tw at masquilier.org
Wed Jun 14 05:50:58 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 14 June 2006 04:07 am, Fabio Varesano wrote:
> I will post here and on drupal.org
> asking for help on testing the new code.
> I need help on try different browsers and plug-in
> versions on the new video module generated code.

I tried to post a comment on your site as an anonymous user, 
but I couldn't: "Validation error, please try again. If 
this error persists, please contact the site 
I had this problem with my site, too: anonymous users 
couldn't post comments during the 4.7 beta period, but it 
works now... 
Just letting you know about this.

Here is the comment I was trying to post here:

It's probably not a problem with your video module, but for 
the record, I have never been able to play an embedded 
youtube video with Konqueror. (up to KDE 3.4, never tried 
3.5). I CAN play them on the youtube website, but if the 
video is embedded in any blog like here, I click the play 
button, then I see the message "Loading..." but nothing 
ever loads or play.

Can other KDE users confirm this, or does this work better 
with KDE 3.5, or is it the flash version that is not 

In any case, thanks to Fabio for his efforts creating a nice 
Drupal video module.


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