[development] User registration without *password*

Chad Phillips -- Apartment Lines chad at apartmentlines.com
Thu Jun 15 22:20:52 UTC 2006

> I'm currently thinking I can accomplish most, if not all, of this by
> hacking/patching the LoginToboggan module. I would need to modify it
> to use an empty string for the password, customize the login form, and
> suppress the confirmation email. I would use the it's Immediate Login
> feature to create the users and put them into a "non-authenticated
> role" I'd create called "registrant". My intention would be to leave
> them there permanently. I'd also need to implement the ability to
> forward the new user to the requested page.

i've been getting a lot of special requests for functionality  
additions to the logintoboggan module.  i'm actually not all that  
thrilled about throwing 50 new features in there--i think it makes  
the code harder to maintain.

> I'm looking for an any thoughts on this approach, and any pointers if
> it has been done already. If there are any gotchas I'll likely run
> into, or if--for some reason that isn't yet apparent to me--this is
> just a Bad Idea, I'd like to know that as well.
> Also, if there is any broader interest in this type of functionality
> let me know. I'm happy to work as closely with the LoginToboggan
> maintainers as they would like, and would appreciate any help or
> guidance they can offer.

i think the best options in cases like this are:

1. a seperate module that provides the functionality you need

2. installing an adequate hook system in logintoboggan so that it may  
be used as a base to write contrib modules for it, which would add  
features such as this.  this provides a modularity which ensures that  
we won't be breaking the module all the time w/ new features, and  
people will only have to enable the contrib mods that they want.

i'd be willing to take a look at approach #2 if you'd like to take a  
crack at that...

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