[development] Staging content to production servers

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Sun Jun 18 20:03:23 UTC 2006

With my first drafst for fixtures I simply solved this by NOT using any IDs. 
Because fixtures are pure PHP, we can let Drupal create the IDs. No need for 
any hardcoded ID, if you design the architecture of the import-export of 
staging code well enough, IMO.

Op zaterdag 17 juni 2006 05:41, schreef Moshe Weitzman:
> wow, thats a very clever solution to the problem. i would totally support
> drupal patches which insure that ids start at 1000.

This works untill you want to test the import of 1500 nodes from some old 
site. Or develop a caching system for your large dataset. 

Starting at any high number will cause problems if you need a higher number. 
Yes, you can increase the initial high number. But this is not a solution. 

Just like, back in the days, we coded Qbasic like
10 foo
20 bar
30 goto 10

oh - whoops, I need baz bax and bay too: 
10 foo
12 baz
14 bax
16 bay
20 bar
30 goto 10

At some moment you got stuck and had to renumber your whole listing. Right? 

At some moment 1000 will not cut it. 



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