[development] Forms API newbie guide?

Shawn sgrover at open2space.com
Mon Jun 19 06:58:50 UTC 2006

Jeremy Epstein wrote:
> In the Drupal handbook, there is a great resource called "Creating
> modules - a tutorial":
> http://drupal.org/node/17914
> Needs to be updated in places (was written for 4.5), but despite this,
> it still does an excellent job of teaching you the basics of Drupal
> module development. Grokking the menu callback system, and its central
> role as the foundation of almost any page request in Drupal, is
> probably the biggest challenge for new developers. Also a challenge is
> getting your head around the "hook magic", and how all of that
> actually works, and then understanding a few of the more important
> hooks in detail (e.g. hook_block, hook_help, hook_nodeapi). This
> tutorial will help you to at least begin to overcome these challenges.
> :-)
> Cheers,
> Jaza.

Thanks.  That document was my first stop, even before posting here.  It 
IS a good introduction.  Unfortunately, I'm jumping in with both feet, 
and immediately had a need beyond what the tutorial covered.  But it did 
help me get my initial shell in place, which is getting better as I 
learn tidbits in my journeys (like using the db_next_id() function 
instead of auto_increment fields).

and you're right about understanding how the hooks work.  For me it's 
more of a matter of figuring out which hooks to use when.

Thanks again.


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