[development] SoC mentors: Mid term evaluations

Robert Douglass rob at robshouse.net
Wed Jun 28 14:05:58 UTC 2006

Dear SoC mentors: important information below!

All others: sorry for the cross posting and noise, but it is urgent  
that this information gets read by the right people and some are not  
responding to their SoC emails.

Hi, folks!

If you haven't heard the message yet, the mid-term evaluations are  
now up on Google. You should be able to find them here: http:// 
code.google.com/soc/mentor.html - the "primary" mentor for each
student should be filling these out.

The goal of this is not to say whether or not the student is "half-
way" through their project but whether they're making sufficient
progress that you believe they will reasonably be able to finish (and
if you feel the opposite, Robert and myself should already know about

Please note that these surveys have a direct impact on whether or not
students get paid and are able to continue participating in the
program.. **make sure you fill out your surveys** because no survey
== student gets dropped and does not get paid for their efforts.

The full spiel is available here: http://groups.google.com/group/ 

Once you have filled out your survey, please either post to the
groups site or let Robert/I know so that we can check you off the
list. If you feel comfortable, also post your status report to the
group (though remember to mark the post "Private"). http:// 

Thanks, everyone...

Angie (and Robert)

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