[development] Image Support in the upcoming drupal release

Michelangelo Partipilo michelangelo_pm at cantv.net
Thu Mar 2 23:11:10 UTC 2006

That's not the way to talk here.

Complaining about it just doesn't do it.

The purpose of this list is to coordinate development and discuss on dev 


You have 3 options:

- You're grateful because you have something you can use even though it 
has its faults
- Contribute to it in ANY possible way you can and maybe have a better 
product to use
- Don't use it at all.

There are lots of other products out there with (maybe) better media 
support that you might want to use even if they lack on other things 
(greatness) that drupal gives you.

Maybe after you use them and find a suitable way to integrate media into 
a CMS, you can nicely tell us how and maybe someone will pick it up and 
make work the way you want to in Drupal and if it's good enough it could 
become the standard way of handling images.

No trolling intended... Bye!

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