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Brian Puccio brian at brianpuccio.net
Fri Mar 3 02:35:35 UTC 2006

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On Thu, 2006-03-02 at 23:07 +0100, Drupalista wrote:
> Hi,
> >I've modified the img_assist module to work with the gallery module to
> >allow users to easily pick images from an embedded gallery. I know it
> that´s what I mean - so there are two more new image modules? 
> Why don´t you get together and produce ONE killer-img-module? Why are
> there 10 different modules for image uploading and handling? 
> Make ONE. Only ONE that works, please. 

I might have radically different needs (such as the handling of RAW
files in addition to something like PNG or TIFF) or I might have
moderately different needs that requires EXIF information including all
the exposure information as well as the camera shooting the photo being
pulled out and having a taxonomy term being created on the fly in
addition to having dedicated taxonomies for subject, type of photography
and the location the photo was taken. I might even want to sell some
photos online and allow others to post and sell them. I might need to be
able to offer a complete gallery offline with a tar.gz created on the
fly of all imagines in a taxonomy with a test file describing all of
them (which pulls information not only from the nodes themselves, but
also taxonomy).

That would be one killed image module, however, I really doubt that
anyone wants half of those features, let alone all of them. Plus, a
feature that many people want, inline image uploading while creating a
node, I have literally no use for whatsoever. Because of all of this,
this hypothetical module flat out won't exist if I don't sit down and
write it, but I'm OK with that since I'm grateful for what the Drupal
developers have given me to play with.

What you deem a kill image module, others deem useless. Sure there's
lots of work that can be done, however, I think that the Drupal approach
of keep things small and modular and not monolithic will mean that there
will be no one image module, just like there isn't one ecommerce module.
This is something users will have to get used to in addition to the fact
that just because you want something doesn't mean that a dozen
developers will say OK and start working on it just because you said you
wanted it.
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