[development] Re-Thinking Events in Drupal

Boris Mann boris at bryght.com
Fri Mar 3 21:10:51 UTC 2006

On 3-Mar-06, at 12:21 PM, Moshe Weitzman wrote:

> Angie Byron wrote:
>> Hey, folks!
>> At DrupalCon, there was a lot of discussion about where events are  
>> in Drupal and
>> how they can be improved. I'd like to setup an IRC chat for us to  
>> try and hammer
>> out how we can develop flexible APIs and where additional  
>> functionality is
>> needed to make events in Drupal really shine.
>> More details can be found at the following post: http://drupal.org/ 
>> node/52104
>> Hope to see you there!
>> -Angie
> we just re-thought events! ask crunchywelch about it. he hid in  
> hole while the whole civicspace community breathed hot flames at  
> him until it was done.
> but yes, we can and should improve things. thanks for organizing this.

*cough* flexible theming, better non-suck default themes *cough*

I'll attend. Here's a pointer to the "gig" module [1] that Colin put  
together, using the location and event APIs...sort of, since he re- 
used the data structures but in point of fact it was very hard to re- 
use other components. This will be committed to Drupal.org in a  
couple of weeks.

Basically, I think we have a chance in the 4.7 cycle to re-look at a  
lot of these components.

[1] http://dev.bryght.com/t/browser/gig/ -- work in progress, not  
guaranteed to work right now.

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