[development] Re-Thinking Events in Drupal

Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Sun Mar 5 21:11:45 UTC 2006

When I said

"I still miss the ability to handle dates in the back end in queries though."

I meant what Adrian has summed up nicely here:

> So in conclusion, timestamps only become a problem for me when
> working with intervals, and then only when
> the intervals are not a constant amount of seconds (ie: x months or
> even years if you consider leap years). I am
> pretty sure that's enough of an edge case to let it slide, but there
> might be other benefits to using date types that
> i don't know about.

The ability to do the range/interval  check in the database is nicer
than retrieving the whole data set in PHP and filtering it there.

However, as he said: MySQL and PostrgreSQL do it with different
syntax, so there  is no straight forward solution to this.

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