[development] How about changing localization to language? Or ...

Riccardo riccardo.fertino at gmail.com
Sun Mar 5 22:37:40 UTC 2006

> Da: "Khalid B" <kb at 2bits.com>

>If we include currency, date, number format, then it is localization.
>If we do not, we can use "language", if we consider things like
>Brazilian Portuguese being different from Portugal's Portoguese.

Just my two cents on this :
The term localization would be more appropriate already.
As you all know, if you enable locale module, on Edit user there are two different localization fieldsets :

--- Interface language settings ---

--- Locale settings ---
   Time zone:

What do you think about the following layout?

--- Interface localization ---
   Language :                        
   Time zone :

...and hopefully more to come.

IMHO it is simpler for the users... maybe not for the developers  :) 

Take care,

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