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Dries Buytaert dries.buytaert at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 15:59:52 UTC 2006

>>> I just spent some time looking at project.module bugs, tested and
>>> committed a couple patches, and provided a bugfix myself.  The
>>> following issues need to be resolved before we can upgrade  
>>> drupal.org:
>>>    1. http://drupal.org/node/50337
>>>    2. http://drupal.org/node/50786
>>>    3. http://drupal.org/node/50789
>>>    4. http://drupal.org/node/51432
>>> These are high priority tasks as they hold back both the drupal.org
>>> upgrade and the Drupal 4.7.0 release.
>> I synched scratch.drupal.org once more.
>> Please spend some time testing out the project module  
>> functionality. Can you still update your project?  Can you still  
>> edit issues?  (I've
>> yet to recreate the project categories.)  Problems can be reported at
>> http://drupal.org/project/issues/drupal_org_maintenance.

I decided to postpone the drupal.org upgrade until we dealt with  
We can't break thousands of links and need a clean upgrade path for  
our data.

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