[development] Update Notifications

Chris Johnson chris at tinpixel.com
Tue Mar 7 02:07:43 UTC 2006

Dan Ziemecki wrote:
> Today while I was updating my Firefox extensions, it occurred to me that 
> this would be some really nice functionality to have in a CMS.  What if 
> every time an admin logged in or ran a "Check For Updates" module, he'd 
> get a list of his active modules with lower version numbers that what's 
> currently available in CVS?  Maybe the list has a link to each module's 
> project page for immediate review and download.
> The module itself sounds like it would be relatively simple:  parse the 
> version number out of each of the module files and compare them against 
> a master list of current versions. 

Check issues #48580 and #48582 and see if they will give you something close 
to what you want.  We've got a design, we just need to implement it (for 4.8+).


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