[development] Updated spellcheck module - now what

Larry Garfield larry at garfieldtech.com
Thu Mar 9 18:03:00 UTC 2006

First off, thanks Will!

I'd recommend trying to contact the current module maintainer if possible.
 If he responds, work it out with him.  If it's not been updated since
4.5, then I suspect either he'll be happy to let you take it over since
you've done all the legwork or he won't be around at all. :-)

If he doesn't respond in a few days, come back here and let us know.  I'm
not sure if there's a formal process for taking over a contrib module, but
at the very least a public announcement should be made.

Either way, I'd leave the 4.5 code in CVS indefinitely and just create a
new 4.7 tag.  That the code is unrelated now is beside the point. :-)

If you've not "done everything correctly", rest assured someone will
comment in the forum or the issues tracker, hopefully with suggestions on
what correctly would be.

Once again, thanks for taking the initiative on it!

--Larry Garfield

On Thu, March 9, 2006 11:18 am, Will Wyatt said:
> Hi all. I've completly rewritten the old 4.5 spellcheck module. I'm
> about ready to 'release' the module and wonder what I'm supposed to do
> now. I could create a patch, but there is almost nothing that remains
> from the old spellcheck module. This is also my first module for
> Drupal, so I'm hoping I've done everything correctly.
> So, what should I do now?
> The module uses the GPL'ed Speller Pages from
> http://spellerpages.sourceforge.net and requires aspell on the server.
> You can try it out at http://test.willwyatt.com you can login as
> testuser/testuser and create a blog entry. There should be a 'Check
> Spelling' button below the body form element.
> The module only works with 4.7 and has only been tested against 4.7 CVS.
> The module really is just a front end to aspell, so your mileage may
> vary depending on your aspell installation.
> Code is available http://www.willwyatt.com/files/spellcheck.tar.gz
> I guess if the code meets requirements I'd like to be the maintainer
> of the new module.
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