[development] A little pgsql help

Piotr Krukowiecki piotr at mallorn.ii.uj.edu.pl
Fri Mar 10 13:15:23 UTC 2006

On Thu, Mar 09, 2006 at 10:21:53AM -0500, Dan Ziemecki wrote:
> If 'text' works for serialized objects, then that's probably what I need.

Unless you have binary data somewhere, I think.

> Maybe in mySQL, too.  I was just concerned that a text field would top out
> at 255 characters, and I wasn't sure how many I'd end up with.

In postgres TEXT has unlimited length (well, almost ;)). In mysql it can
have 65K bytes.

> I would suggest changing 'uid' name to something else, as it's reserved
> > name.

Hmm a small explanation: 'uid' is reserved in oracle and gives a lot of
problems to people wanting to support oracle

> Good point.  Is 'type" ok? I've seen it elsewhere (e.g. Nodes) but I wasn't
> sure...

It's ok (I don't suppose we'll ever support to DB2 ;)). There's a nice
web tool on

> > Those are also good, if you really want comments.
> Why wouldn't you? Is there a cost?  Otherwise, anything that explains what's
> going on can only help in later troubleshooting, no?

No no, I don't know about any problems with comments, I just never used
them ;)

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