[development] New Commenting System at DailyKos

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Mon Mar 13 20:02:45 UTC 2006


What I feared is slowly becoming true. Systems are abusing MY CPU for their 
bad desgning skills. An obvious bad spinnoff of AJAX.
This dailykos "cool" thing made my firefox load time increase with 468% (over 
a non JS version!) Konq even brought up a warning that dailykos is trying to 
bring down my browser with JS.

However. Most of the "features" there are very easily done in modules. So 
definately not core-worthy (considered they are coded in correct Js in the 
first place!) We are just celebrating the greatness of the slimmed down 
comment module for 4.7!

votingapi.module support trough the commentapi. Simple. Enhance with some JS 
and you are done. A <100lines module will do this. 

AJAX submission:
Call the proper insert api for comments trough a nice AJAX 
comment_submit.module Should be very easy to code if you require spajax 

auto-hide troll comments:
See how spam module handles interception of added comments. Voting API can 
hook into this. And a simple votingAPI module will be all you need.

And no. I am not an AJAX hater. Nor do I have dislike-JS written on my 
forehead. I am just allergic to bad design and stupid implementations. Just 
as I am allergic to yea lets do that in TLA! why? wel,, because! because 
what? because everyone talks about TLA. TLA is teh web four dot oh you know.


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