[development] Beta 6 upload module problem

Michelangelo Partipilo michelangelo_pm at cantv.net
Thu Mar 16 14:51:08 UTC 2006

Never thought Linkifier could be a problem, thanks a lot. It's working 
fine now. With the latetest linkifier version I just added my host to 
the extension's blacklist.

James Gilliland wrote:
> @Michelangelo are you using linkifier?  If you are try uninstalling it
> and see if that fixes it.  I had a problem and it was connected to the
> linkifier extension dropping a span around the serialized array the
> JavaScript was using.
> On 3/15/06, Michelangelo Partipilo <michelangelo_pm at cantv.net> wrote:
>> I still get some (very long) weird javascript error message in Firefox.

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