[development] Table node_access: Deleting rows filled with 0s for all 3 grants.

Keve kevex at pro.hu
Sat Mar 18 14:24:28 UTC 2006

Helo, everybody.

I have an issue concerning access modules.
Table node_access has too many lines. (nid * role_id)

Concerning taxonomy_access, there is an idea to remove (and not generate)
those lines in table 'node_access' where all three types of grants are
0.(grant_view = 0 and grant_upadet = 0 and grant_delete = 0). Because
actually only records which grants some permission affect node_access()

What do you guys, think about it? Does this have any drawback in your

For troubleshooting or  to be able to check integrity of table
'node_access', I would definitely generate at least one line per node,
even if it is filled with zeros. (so that all 'nid' would be inside table

I have an issue with Taxonomy_access about this:
'Prevent taxonomy_access from populating node_access table more than

Many thanks for the support in advance.
Have an ice weekend :)

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