[development] blocks by role in 4.7.0? RTBC?

Robert Douglass r.douglass at onlinehome.de
Sat Mar 25 08:53:14 UTC 2006

Tough situation. We've ranted over and over .... "Read our lips, no new 
features". I can't help but think that making an exception, just days 
away from the release candidate, is a bad idea. I *love* this feature. 
There are a dozen other features that I love as well, though. New 
features, in my opinion, are what we have Drupal 4.8 for.

Let's get 4.7 out the door and then decide to speed up our devel-release 


Derek Wright wrote:
> we need to be able to control what blocks are visible based on role,
> and it should be in core, not via php hackery.  there's already an
> issue about this:
> http://drupal.org/node/18018
> apparently, the only reason this never got committed, in spite of much
> interest and effort, is this potentially innocent question from dries:
>   "Could we align the page-visibility code with this code, so they are
>   more conform/consistent/similar?"  (comment #46)
> does anyone here know what he's talking about? ;) note: he didn't
> change the status to "code needs work" or anything.  earlier in the
> same issue, he said:
>   "Where did I say that getting 4.7 out is less important?" (#32)
> clearly, he agrees (along with probably dozens of us on this list, and
> maybe hundreds, if not thousands, of drupal site admins in the world)
> that we should add this feature before 4.7.0.
> i updated the patch to be current with CVS head and attached that to
> comment #49.  i think it's RTBC, but didn't feel like i was in a
> position to set the status to that on my own. ;)
> can some of the heavy-weights around here please comment on the issue,
> ideally, by changing the status to RTBC (or better yet, "fixed" after
> it's been applied)? ;)
> thanks!
> -derek (dww)
> p.s. killes just replied after i composed this message, and i
> re-rolled another patch based on his feedback.  but i'm still sending
> it to the list for community opinions and support on this. ;)

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