[development] Updated scratch.drupal.org

Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Sat Mar 25 18:04:01 UTC 2006

Gerhard Killesreiter wrote:

> Hi there!
> I've just updated scratch.drupal.org to the latest Drupal from CVS. 
> The update took 7 minutes but went through ok (I've used the patch 
> from here: http://drupal.org/node/53177, which I will commit later).
> This is an important milestone to the update for drupal.org itself. 
> One thing that is missing is the new classification for the projects. 
> Does anybody know how Dries generated these?

Didn't find Dries' script so I wrote my own, see


A lot of modules aren't classified yet, and there are no terms for 
themes and translations.

In this case we maybe should not show the corresponding tab. For 
translations I can't think of a useful classification.

> Please browse the site and let me know of any other problems you 
> encounter.

One problem I have is that the breadcrumb trail is tiny.


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