[development] Formapi formalter

Neil Drumm drumm at delocalizedham.com
Wed Mar 29 16:56:49 UTC 2006

Will Wyatt wrote:
> On a related note, should the docs in CVS/contributions/docs/developer
> match whats on api.drupal.org? I'm trying to mirror
> drupaldocs/api.drupal.org following the instructions in the handbook
> 'Your own drupaldocs site' - http://drupal.org/node/26669 but
> CVS/contributions/docs/developer doens't seem to be complete. Thanks.

I've got updating that on my todo list.

> On 3/23/06, Jason Flatt <drupal at oadae.net> wrote:
>>Has the move from http://drupaldocs.org/ to http://api.drupal.org/ been
>>completed, or is there still something else that needs to be done?

As mentioned by Darrel, there are a couple things missing in the CVS 
version of api.module which were there in 4.6. I'll update 
api.drupal.org whenever these features appear in CVS of api.module.

Neil Drumm

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