[development] Time to remove poll module from core

Robert Douglass r.douglass at onlinehome.de
Mon May 1 20:10:31 UTC 2006

Thank you Jeff. The larger point is that the real innovation in this 
space cannot happen *inside of core*, and nobody is interested in 
developing it further if there are better options available in contrib. 
If someone *is* interested, they'll step forward. I wouldn't lament the 
demise of the queue.module one bit. If nobody has committed to that code 
base since its removal from core, that is a good indication that 
removing it was the right thing to do.


Jeff Eaton wrote:
> Queue.module, for example, is relatively similar to nmoderation module,
> which is now available for 4.7.  That work was  sponsord by
> Code0range.net, and I'm working on a migration script for queue.module
> data. I'd initially understood that queue's moderation system worked
> like the comment moderation tools in 4.6; as it's slightly different,
> I'm putting a bit more work into the conversion path. But it is
> happening.
> Queue.module, though, was a case of 'just good enough to prevent further
> core development, but not good enough to do what people really want it
> to.' That specific module may have vanished once it hit contrib, but the
> core need now has a number of solutions depending on a site's need.
> Vote-up-down simulates digg-style voting, nmoderation offers a
> relatively complex voting matrix, and so on.
> The suggestion was put out that poll.module be ported to VotingAPI; If
> someone's willing to take a stab at converting it, I'd be willing to
> work with them and assist in ongoing support. Off the top of my head, it
> would be easy to support multichoice polls, write-in answers, and
> users-changing-their-votes.
> --Jeff

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