5.0 and or 4.8 (was Re: [development] Drupal x.x.0 freeze date)

gunnar gunnar at langemark.com
Mon May 1 19:20:10 UTC 2006

The issue here seems to be related to the way people look at roadmaps.
In my opinion Drupal always has a roadmap, but not always very precisely
communicated. Developers all know what they're doing right now, and in what
direction things are going. Also most have an idea of time frame.

I fully understand the hesitant developer who see a roadmap as more of a
hindrance than a help. If somebody misunderstands what he's reading and start
picking on the developer - then we're better off without it.

But we all know that we also have a lot of people working on solutions for
clients. Some of these people have no other way of know where things are going
- than reading the developer list and listening in on the IRC channels.

Maybe a very coarse grained roadmap - 5-6 bullet points - telling the general
direction of Drupal - and perhaps only accessible to those who actually
applied for it - would be the answer. It would sure help some consultants I know.

Here's what I envision:

Roadmap alpha (you can't read it unless you've been allowed into the "roadmap"

4.8 (Minor release - tentatively scheduled for release on hte 1. of september
This release is for all the stuff we prepared during 4.7 development - and no
really large new project will be allowed. Drupal will also prepare to become
more of a "frame work" - splitting core into "framework" and "core modules".

Planned for 4.8

1) xxx - doing this and that - good for this - anticipated timeframe: August 15.
2) yyy - bla bal - bla bla - anticipated timeframe: July 1. (update: delayed..)
3) zzz - bla bal - bal bla - you get the idea?

5.0 (Major release - not yet scheduled)
This release is meant to become the next major upgrade. It will include a
couple of major new enhancements - but please be aware that ANY improvements
can be delayed for a later version. Please don't plan on production sites with
this one yet!

1) xxx - Views - Including the "Views" module into core, and making it replace
some current core stuff. This is a priority.
2) yyy - CCK - Including CCK into core, and making it replace some core stuff.
This is not a priority.
3) zzz - bla bla . you get the idea?

I Hope that could be done, without being a pain in the a.. to anyone.

Gunnar Langemark
gunnar at langemark.com

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