[development] Officially supported browsers

Steven Wittens steven at acko.net
Tue May 2 20:28:37 UTC 2006

Neil Drumm schreef:

> Occasionally we run into a spot where we need to decide what browsers 
> we support for a certain issue. Lets make a standard list so we can 
> stick to it.
> - What is the current de facto standard?
> - What are some good statistics?

For the Javascript, we currently test for all required API features (DOM 
APIs) and based on that, enabled or disable all JS functionality. That 
way, we don't care about particular browsers, only what they support.

For CSS, the situation is quite similar. The only difference is that 
here there is a strong difference between the standard compliant 
browsers and Internet Explorer. We can use CSS2 where needed and provide 
IE workarounds if necessary.

In practice, this means that IE6, FF1.0/1.5, Opera 8-9 and Safari 
1.x/2.0 get the whole experience. Konqueror should work if it's the 
latest version. The general net usage is 85% IE, 10% Ffox, 3% Safari, 2% 
Opera or so. For Drupal.org, it is 50% Ffox/Moz, 30% IE, 20% other.

IE5 and IE5.5 will experience some layout issues. IE5.0 will not do any 
Javascript. We can assume that for Firefox and Opera, the users have a 
high chance of running the latest version.

The dinosaurs, IE4 and NS4, we no longer care about.

Does that answer your question? ;)

Steven Wittens

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