[development] SoC - ImageMagick integration for Drupal

Novák Áron aaron at szentimre.hu
Tue May 2 21:00:23 UTC 2006


I'm working on a Summer of Code application. The finished and well done
projects will be the part of the 4.8 release, won't be? So what is the
requirement of the code in the question of the PHP version? Is the
backward compatibility ( to 4.x PHP) important in the future releases?
On the other hand the Drupal don't attached to a specific platform so
the ImageMagick - module would work fine with various platforms. Is it a
necessity to test a new module in various environments or the developer
community (this mailing list for example) will help to make the new
stuff environment-independent?

I hope that after my exams I'll have a chance to make something useful
for Drupal!


Aron Novak

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