[development] Time to remove poll module from core

Jeremy Epstein jazepstein at gmail.com
Tue May 2 23:26:02 UTC 2006

On 5/2/06, Neil Drumm <drumm at delocalizedham.com> wrote:
> I suspect poll is one of core's least-used modules, if that is true,
> then that is a good reason to consider removing it.

I really doubt that poll is one of core's 'least-used' modules. I
publish polls regularly on GreenAsh, and I've seen countless other
Drupal sites that do the same. I'm betting that poll gets used a lot
more than other core modules, such as blogapi.

Having said that, I do also think that poll should be removed from
core. We could use a decent poll module in contrib - I don't see any
there already. ;-)

Jeremy Epstein
GreenAsh Services

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