[development] Officially supported browsers

Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Wed May 3 01:54:48 UTC 2006

This question comes up every now and  then and there is a debate on
market share, ...etc. Some will point to w3schools, others to other sites.

The  fact is: it all depends on the audience of a given site. It varies widely
depending on  that:

For what's its worth, here are my April statistics for browsers (all browsers
with less than 1% share are ignored)

Quasi Techie site
	MS Internet Explorer 64 % (61% is MS IE 6.0)
	Firefox	 22.4 %
	Unknown	 5.7 %
	Safari	  3 %
	Mozilla	 1.5 %
	Opera	 1.3 %

Non techie niche site (in line with Steven's general web stats).
	MS Internet Explorer	82.2 % (79% is MS IE 6.0)
	Firefox	10.6 %
	Unknown	2.5 %
	Safari	1.4 %
	Mozilla 1 %

Just look at the MS IE vs FF. 64:22 in one case, and 82:10 in the other.
MS IE is mostly 6.0, so 5.x has very little market share.

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