[development] cvs non-branch tags

Derek Wright derek at dwwright.net
Wed May 3 05:50:40 UTC 2006

On Apr 17, 2006, at 7:19 AM, Morten Wulff wrote:

> Is it possible to add non-branch tags to modules in the /contributions?

yes, but currently it only allows you to add tags of the same names as 
the main branches we care about.  so, you can add a "DRUPAL-4-7" tag to 
your module, and it can be either a branch tag or a non-branch tag, but 
it must have that name. :(

> I'm about to make a major update of banner.module and I would like to 
> mark the latest "known good" version.

yeah, that'd be a good thing to do.  sadly, the current contrib 
repository doesn't allow it.  for now, the best you can do is remember 
the date of the last known good version (perhaps sticking it in the 
CHANGELOG.txt or something). and then if you wanted to checkout a 
known-working copy, you'd use:

cvs co -D [last-good-date] -r [branch-you-care-about] 

if you're just talking the trunk of the repository, you can leave off 
the "-r [branch]" part.

at this point, preventing contrib developers who aren't too familiar 
with cvs from making a mess of things is one of the main reasons 
they're disallowing arbitrary tags.  the other reason is that the 
integration w/ the project.module (which provides all the downloads on 
drupal.org) has some hard-coded logic regarding tags, and that 
functionality would have to be improved and extended to work better 
with arbitrary tags.

getting all this cleaned up and improved is on my medium-term todo 
list, so i hope all this will change in the not-too-distant future.

> Invalid tag for /contributions/modules/banner.
> cvs tag: Pre-tag check failed

that's right.  you're not doing anything wrong, the repository is 
configured to prevent this.

-derek (dww)

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