[development] Move all core modules into their own directories.

Kobus Myburgh ITBJDM at puknet.puk.ac.za
Wed May 3 14:05:06 UTC 2006

> Largely, I think of new features for core only. Contrib is an absolute

> mess. Worrying about poor help in contrib, for example, is far less
>   important than the hundreds of security holes and injections

True that, true that.

> With that said, being able to have the doc team create a metadata
> with help in it is a lot more "kosher" and "honorable" then actually

Again, correct.

> (Assuming, of 
> course, that the doc team gets so bored as to start writing help for

> contrib modules that don't have pride in them).

Ahh, hit me with my own noodle now, will ya? :-P

No offense to ANYONE out there, really. But it is true! A lot of
modules were just made to scratch an itch in a particular version and
some of them aren't even ported from version to version.



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