[development] Move all core modules into their own directories.

Kobus Myburgh ITBJDM at puknet.puk.ac.za
Thu May 4 12:48:52 UTC 2006

> I don't use anything but PHPTemplate, but I think that we want to keep

> the engine system. Why don't we just leave the theme_ function
> mechanism to the engine? PHPTemplate will require separate files, and

> other engines can do what they please.

PHPTemplate is simple enough to use, and I think is sufficient.
Anything simpler will add overhead and the question should be - how much
overhead is allowable for a certain amount of simplicity?

I am all for throwing the rest out and sticking with PHPTemplate. I
don't know of many software programs or utilities that has more than one
engine. I can't talk about Linux, as I know next to nothing thereabout,
but Windows, for example, has one 'theme engine' if you can call it
that, and you can just add different themes? I think one engine is


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