[development] Extend database abstraction layer, to include table creation.

Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Fri May 12 16:59:59 UTC 2006

Gary (Lists) wrote:
> Dries wrote:
>>> We want Drupal to remain accessible for them.
> "Gerhard Killesreiter" wrote:
>> Do we?
> My impression is that you do not wish it be accessible.

Hadn't you promised to unsubscribe from this list?

>> I certainly want them to be able to use Drupal but I'd appreciate if
>> they'd keep their hands out of the code if they aren't programmers. This only
>> makes for nasty support cases.
> There currently is no way to use Drupal without modifying code.  Period.

I obviously disagree. And no, themes don't really count as code.

> The ease of use score for Drupal would have to be considered very low,
> compared to other CMS tools. 

Some consider it high compared to the likes of wordpress and 
mambo/joomla. Granted, at least wordpress isn't really a CMS.

>  It's range of functionality is far greater, of
> course, but not for the average, download-and-install user, or even the
> generic site user, who doesn't even manage the Drupal installation.


> The chief barrier to fully marrying Drupal is the ongoing code-writing that
> must be done:  even themes are written in PHP, and once you add a module,
> you must immediately begin PHP training.

I still disagree. xtemplate is supported for 4.7, albeit in contrib.

> How do you propose that any Drupal user (not developer, just a user) "keep
> their hands out of the code"?

By just not tampering with stuff which isn't meant to be tampered with 
if you don't know how to. I don't see a problem in setting up a site 
with plain Drupal and only creating a custom theme. You could even only 
modify the CSS that comes with one of the core themes and replace the 
image files if your standards on uniqueness aren't that high.


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