[development] Extend database abstraction layer, to include table creation.

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Mon May 15 08:21:56 UTC 2006

Op zondag 14 mei 2006 08:36, schreef Larry Garfield:
> True, they don't cover everything, but could we possibly be
> leveraging that better?

That is my whole point. Esp. since Drupal is not (and should not be, IMO) OO 
enough to become real Active Record.

And indeed, main aim of my helpers.module is to provide a lot of these 
functions in a quick-to-go environment.

I hope, however, that that module can be some of a stepping stone for core. We 
can test functions and concepts there. We can also see what stuff is used 
more often and what not. Popular helper functions should get a patch then for 
Core. (if someone finds the need to do so!)


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