[development] Freezing the Drupal API

James Walker walkah at walkah.net
Tue May 16 01:23:18 UTC 2006

On 15-May-06, at 8:43 PM, Richard Archer wrote:

>> This would be preparation for a split of the project.
> My point is, there are already multiple forks of Drupal.
> There's the 4.5 branch, the 4.6 branch and the 4.7 branch.
> When 4.8 is released it will have a maintainer appointed
> and there will be 4 forks. Plus the Bryght guys have
> their own version of Drupal. I guess Civicspace does too.
> Bèr often talks about his Sympal fork.

Hate to hop in on this one, 'cause it's a fairly useless thread...  
but Bryght is far from a fork... our 4.6 differs from "vanilla" in a  
handful of backports and things we either didn't get into 4.6 in time  
or wanted to offer to folks now (and same will hold true for 4.7).  
And, yes, as noted later - very much in concert with the community...

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