[development] Keepin Drupal together

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Tue May 16 02:00:14 UTC 2006


Not sure where this should go. Into devel ML or 
Recently some very frustrated (?) and hostile threads leading nowhere but to 
even more threads have arised on the ML.

Let us please, for a second, not look at the content of these threads and at 

If we continue with facilitating such hostility, or (as seen from the other 
side) such naivity (which seems to be the reason for that hostility), I am 
quite sure that people will, leave Drupal. 

Our ML are primary communications. If I were to join a system, because I am 
looking o do buisyness with that system, but where the first thing I am told 
is to FSK Up Because We Are Not Going To Listen To Your Uninsightfull Ideas I 
am out of there. And even If i see others telling that to others (whom might 
have similar ideas to mine) the same will happen, just as soon.

If someone is a long term member, but see communication going all wrong, 
people not listening, and progress not going in the direction that person 
would like to see it going, he or she might say: well indeed, FSK IT. I am 
Fsking Up as suggested, but I am taking my work with me. Result: a fork.

Drupal cannot use a fork. But with the current athmosphere I taste, this might 
not be far from happening.

Lets stay professional. Keep your frustrations for your friends. For your 
family, or even your schrimp ;). We are talking about software, not about 
Let us respect one anothers needs. Not everyone needs Drupal for his or her 
hobby-train-club-site. Some make a living from it, some need it for their 
make-anarchy-change-the-world-activists-group. Respect the difference in 
views, and in needs. Respect that others need Drupal to do and be different 
than what you think it should be and do.

We should stand above this harsh talks at all costs. And I think that if 
people are not able to stand above that, they should be told so. (by whom?)

I take my share of responsibility, for this too. For I have not been only 
positive about Drupal lately either. But I feel that should be possible. For 
if we sit back and say "Drupal is perfect. We want mo more change (as in: 
community, or way of doing stuff)" we might as well call ourselves dead. So 
lets all start with looking at ourselves and see how we can all make Drupal 
better by starting with some respect for our fellow developers. And with 
repect to their ideas. 
Think twice before replying. If you completely and utterly disagree, say so, 
but keep in mind that your opinion is Just Another Opinion. You are nothing 
higher or better then the one with the original idea. No matter how much more 
code you committed or how much lower your UID is. That is, has never been, 
and (if its up to me) will never be a criterium for being able to voice 
yourself. Never.


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