[development] Freezing the Drupal API

Jeff Eaton jeff at viapositiva.net
Wed May 17 03:11:09 UTC 2006

>Adrian Rossouw wrote:
>> On 17 May 2006, at 4:27 AM, John Handelaar wrote:
>>> ecommerce, for one, has no upgrade path.
>> Ecommerce, if you read any of the numerous places you can get
>> information for it,
>Yes, thanks, fully aware.
>I was answering the question actually asked, Adrian,
>not wilfully giving you something to take offence at :)
>Calm down...

To Adrian's credit, I didn't think he was offended, or needed to calm
down. "There's no upgrade path" implies that there is... Well... No
upgrade path. "It will be released ~1 month after 4.7 ships" implies
that there is an upgrade path.

Perhaps you meant, 'Ecommerce and its related modules weren't ready at
the same time 4.7 shipped, preventing many sites from upgrading
immediately.' I can imagine that's been frustrating for a number of
sites, though I think it's a good thing that the ecommerce folks have
taken the time to get things working against the stable 4.7 release.
Ecommerce is a HUGE chunk of code, and considering the nature of the
features it offers, an early but buggy release would be disastrous.


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