[development] Microsoft SQL Server

AjK drupal at f2s.com
Tue May 23 15:24:09 UTC 2006

> I didn't follow the discussion that occurred around your module and 
> don't know what the issues were, but I personally don't see any problems 
> with commercial associations as long as they are kept in the open. In 
> fact, I think it is healthy for people to be able to make money with 
> free software.
> MS-SQL support would be a fantastic thing for Drupal to have, as would 
> Oracle and DB2 support. Anybody who would shoot these down has their 
> head in some Gnu's butt.
> -Robert


Sounds fine to me. I agree with the last part esp, the more dbs' 
you support the further your product gets thrown!

best regards

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