[development] Microsoft SQL Server

Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Tue May 23 15:37:09 UTC 2006

Robert Douglass wrote:
> I didn't follow the discussion that occurred around your module and 
> don't know what the issues were, but I personally don't see any 
> problems with commercial associations as long as they are kept in the 
> open. In fact, I think it is healthy for people to be able to make 
> money with free software.

Well, I obviously agree on that point.

> MS-SQL support would be a fantastic thing for Drupal to have, as would 
> Oracle and DB2 support. Anybody who would shoot these down has their 
> head in some Gnu's butt.

The project Ajk was talking about was about writing a module as an 
interface between Drupal and some commercial, third-party stats 
software, I think the name was netstat or similar.

I told him, I'd rather not have him contribute it since it is only 
usefull if you actually buy that package. Then it occurred to me a short 
while later, that probably all ecommerce payment gateways and amazon.com 
integration modules are of this kind too and it doesn't make much sense 
to host the one module and not the other. After that I suggested we 
discuss this, but nobody took me up on the offer )the mail was to the 
infrastructure list).

Let me explain how we arrived on that policy. Some time ago, maybe last 
summer, two people applied for cvs access. One wanted to integrate 
Drupal with a commercial CRM package and the other with some commercial 
chat application. Karoly and myself had discussed this, and then told 
them that we won't grant them access. They complained to me and I 
forwarded the matter to Dries who probably forgot about it. From that 
day on, I have not given CVS access to similar applications. There 
weren't that many, btw, Ajk's might have been the third only.

This is the current situation. Now discuss.


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