[development] Human readable taxonomy URLs

drupal-list at 2craig.com drupal-list at 2craig.com
Wed May 24 03:11:27 UTC 2006

> All I want is to make it easier to create and edit the URL aliases for
taxonomy terms (tags).
> I don't mind to think of a name myself, but I do mind the fact that it
is such a pain to create the alias.
> If you add 3 new tags, it will take you 24 clicks or something.

I recently created (and contributed) the taxonomy_breadcrumb module
(http://drupal.org/node/61944) that generates taxonomy based breadcrumbs
for all node pages and allows admins to replace the normal taxonomy/term
pages with regular nodes.  The module adds a form element to the term and
vocab add/edit pages where a user can enter a path.  This path is not an
alias, but a path each generated breadcrumb will link to instead of
taxonomy/term/X.  I realize the functionality in this module isn't what
you described (you want an alias, not a redirect* to a node), it sounds
like the type of interface you're looking for.  It wouldn't be difficult
add something to this module, or simply rip out what's useful to create a
new module.

* the term redirect is not being used in the HTTP protocol sense.


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