[development] Is CCK required for 4.7, does location.module need a 4.7 branch, or am I just not getting something?

Scott McLewin drupal at mclewin.com
Wed May 24 03:35:13 UTC 2006

Good Evening/Morning.

I've encountered a challenge on a 4.7 based Drupal site that I'm 
building.  When I save my modules configuration, I am presented with one 
or more of the following error:

Table 'drupal.node_type' doesn't exist query: SELECT type_name FROM 
node_type nt ORDER BY nt.type_name ASC in 
/home/mclewin/public_html/folkjam/includes/database.mysql.inc on line 120.

I tracked the query down to location_views.module, in the 
location_views_default_views() function.  The following code is looking 
for a table that I believe was (will be?) introduced with CCK support:

  // cck content types all identify themselves as module 'content'
  // need to find type name, then check to see if that type has been 
  $cck_types = db_query('SELECT type_name FROM {node_type} nt ORDER BY 
nt.type_name ASC');
  while ($type = db_fetch_object($cck_types)) {

This is using the latest location module code from CVS head.  There is 
no DRUPAL-4-7 tagged version of location.module.

Based on this thread (http://drupal.org/node/62340, "Pave the way for 
CCK") and content.install 
I am pretty sure the node_type table is introduced along with CCK.  I do 
not have CCK installed as part of my 4.7 based site.  I figure I could 
install it and make my problem go away, but before I do, I wanted to ask 
this more basic question:

Is CCK a requirement for a 4.7 based site?

Based on what I've been reading in this forum for the last six months, I 
don't think so.  Before I post an issue against location.module asking 
for a 4.7 compatible branch, I wanted to come to the experts to see 
whether the intent is to require the use of CCK in 4.7.  What's broken, 
my site (for not having CCK installed), location.module (for not having 
a 4.7 branch where CCK is not called), or me (for not seeing what I'm 
sure will be obvious after one of you gently places it in front of me)?

Thanks for the guidance.


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