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Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Thu May 25 21:04:59 UTC 2006

Op donderdag 25 mei 2006 22:26, schreef Karoly Negyesi:
> Go and post into Skype forum that on Linux they should use ALSA drivers.  
> They already got a few (hundred) such posts but they can't get enough  
> bashing for using OSS drivers. That's like creating a website with Drupal  
> 3.0. It was good back then but not now.

Here is a mail I sent to some other ML a while ago about the exact same 
Or wire some funds to the KDE/Gnome folks for SIP/asterisk/etc funds. 

Yes. Skype is great. Its just as great as Myspaces. Or MSN, or even Google. 
You cannot do without, so you will HAVE to live with its downsides. And the 
more they become the #1, the less they care about these downsides.

Skype has been promising ALSA supprt (serious how hard is that? ALSA is far, 
far easier in terms of libraries, APIS and all that) for nearly a year now. 
They are not caring about *nix. They just care about shares and marketshare, 
like any comercial company should. All they do is keep us happy with promises 
about ALSA. "we are really working on ALSA right now". If they would put ONE 
man on it for a full day, it would prolly be done. ALSA is really easy. 

We should help the OSS world set up a non-commercial, free (as in beer and as 
in freedom), non-closed, easy-to-develop-on-top-of app.


Imagine that power: addressbook app:
 Contact : mail John | speak to John | IM John (John is offline right now on 
all the messaging stuff)
 Information: John was last online on  MSN friday. You spoke to Yohn Thursday  
(re-listen the conversation)

and so on.

These things are not possible if we keep leaning on companies like skype. But 
become possible if we fund projects by companies like SuSE or RedHat. That 
steer projects like KDE(kopete) or Gnome (meeting) 

--- re: Drupal ---
Else we need to decide on "going commercial" where we wire funds into a pot 
that pays us for meetings like this.
That pays Karoly for a second soundcard (I bought a 2nd card for Skype/Linux 
alone)  And that funds our commercial activities. But as long as we do not 
have this, we should consider not to use such limiting (but well marketed, 
and well built, do not get me wrong) organisations like Skype.

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