[development] Contacting Onesself

Dan Robinson dan at civicactions.com
Fri May 26 14:46:07 UTC 2006


Thanks for the feedback.  We have made the 2 minute change to the code
and I have asked our guy to submit a patch so we can get the process
rolling.  I got what I wanted out of this conversation which  was (IMO):

- General agreement that a patch might be in order

Thanks for your input...

Here's another real newbie question - how do i find the current patch
queue for Contact?  It is not separately listed in the project pages.

> On 25 May 2006, at 19:57, Dan Robinson wrote:
>> this (and what Phani brought) up was pretty much what I figured.  The
>> other side of the coin is that less sophisticated users have looked at
>> it and are just baffled and think it is indicative of poor design...  We
>> need to make modifications for a client and I'm wondering if we should
>> consider a patch or just fork it.  I prefer a patch but don't want to
>> get involved if it is going to be controversial...
> * Modifying the code to remove the tab takes 10 minutes, at most.
> * Creating a patch for it takes 5 minutes, at most.
> Are we discussing whether a 5 minute effort is worth it?  :-)
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