[development] SoC: Multi-site administration through rich XUL client

Ben Francis lists at hippygeek.co.uk
Sat May 27 11:23:24 UTC 2006

Boris Mann wrote:
> It's a good question...hopefully we can get some clarification from
> Robert Douglass here.

Robert Douglass hasn't made any comment yet, but I'm not terribly
hopeful looking at CVS

It looks like the thing was mostly written before Summer of Code started
to me. The screenshots date back to May 6th

At least I know for next year the best tactic is to write something
first, then apply.

Is there any interest in a module which allows users to create an
account and create a an entire Drupal site automatically from a core
installation? Perhaps in conjunction with domain registration. Does
Bryght already do this?


Ben "tola" Francis

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