[development] CCK per field CRUD settings, caching complexity

Adrian Rossouw adrian at bryght.com
Mon May 29 11:01:47 UTC 2006

On 29 May 2006, at 12:44 PM, John Handelaar wrote:

> At the risk of making a number of people vomit,
> I could point out that this is the sort of thing
> which Smarty [1] is exceptionally good at already,
> what with its ability to cache areas within pages,
> and its support for per-user cache versions [2].
I believe we are discussing object caching, and not output caching at  
this point.

Implementing that kind of caching in phptemplate isn't that hard  
either. I'm just not sure
where it's useful at this point, as I believe block level caching is  
more useful (as caching is
a module developer oriented task, and not a theme designer oriented  

This was in one of chx's version of the regions patch, where each  
block had a 'cache' property,
including a callback to check for expiration.

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